Clifton Unstirred 14 Litre + 14 Litre Digital Duobath™

Product Description

The Duobath™ range allows chefs to use each chamber simultaneously at two different temperatures.

For consistent controlled cooking, Clifton water baths allow professional chefs to cook in a precise temperature controlled environment, and produce consistently great results. Superb for sous vide and other low temperature cooking, these baths are an indispensable piece of equipment for all leading chefs worldwide.


Display/resolution: Digital LED/0.1°C 
Temp. range: Ambient + 5°C - 95°C
Temp. setting: Push button Stability/uniformity: ± 0.2°C/± 0.1°C

Display/resolution: Digital LED/1 minute increments
Duration: 1 minute - 99 hours
Cycle end: Audio/visual alert

Dimensions (mm) Overall - 660w x 361d x 290h Working - 300w x 330d x 150h (each chamber) Allow 130mm at rear of unit for mains cable/ventilation/tap & hose
Electrical supply: 230v
Power consumption: 2kW
Safety: Visual ‘FILL’ message on low water level Run-dry protection

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$3,700.00 $3,899.00

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