Needle Temperature Probe

Product Description

Needle probe for Mini K Thermometer. Supplied separately as spare.
60mm x 1.6mm stainless steel with 1 meter teflon cable and mini connector.

How to use the needle temperature probe?

  1. First vacuum seal the product in the bag.
  2. Make sure bag is dry
  3. Cut off a 30mm piece of the sous-vide foam tape.
  4. Remove the paper covering the adhesive on the tape.
  5. Stick it to the outside of the bag over the thickest part of the product.
  6. carefully insert the probe through the tape at an angle into the thickest part of the product.
  7. The closed-cell nature of the foam will prevent the bag from leaking vacuum.
  8. Place the bag and the probe into the sous-vide water bath or vessel.
  9. DO NOT remove the probe until the cooking process is finished as repeated insertion will not provide a 100% vacuum seal.