Why do I need to use a thermometer and needle probe for sous-vide cooking?
This is used to verify the core temperature of the food product you are cooking to make sure it reaches the correct temperature. This is not only a food quality but a food safety requirement.

How do I use my needle temperature probe?
  1. First vacuum seal the product in the bag.
  2. Make sure bag is dry
  3. Cut off a 30mm piece of the sous-vide foam tape.
  4. Remove the paper covering the adhesive on the tape.
  5. Stick it to the outside of the bag over the thickest part of the product.
  6. Carefully insert the probe through the tape at an angle into the thickest part of the product.
  7. The closed-cell nature of the foam will prevent the bag from leaking vacuum.
  8. Place the bag and the probe into the sous-vide water bath or vessel.
  9. DO NOT remove the probe until the cooking process is finished as repeated insertion will not provide a 100% vacuum seal.

At Sous Vide Chef, we take pride in supplying high quality products. In the unlikely event that you experience technical problems, then you can call us directly on +64 9 5251875. We have a technical department that will be able to offer support and advice, and can help you get the best out of your sous-vide equipment.  Our warranty does not cover customer misuse, and these repairs may be charged.

Sous-vide food is simple to cook and safe to consume, provided it is cooked to a pre-calculated temperature and time, and basic food safety and hygiene practices are followed:

  • Ensure you have the freshest foods possible and of good quality

  • Always prepare your foods on a hygienic, clean work surface, using separate chopping boards and utensils for different food items to avoid cross-contamination, e.g. raw and cooked products

  • Store the food items in a refrigerator at 5 °C, or lower

  • Never start cooking your food items until the sous-vide cooker has reached the required temperature

  • Always ensure you complete the full cooking time required for the item, finishing off in the pan if required

No. We do not advise you cook from frozen in the water bath, and there’s really no need to do so. The advantage of cooking sous-vide, is that you can cook fresh food direct for serving, or cook your food item and chill down to reheat the following day. If you have frozen items you wish to cook in the bath, defrost fully before cooking or reheating. Frozen food will cause the temperature of the water to drop and prevent the sous-vide cooker from controlling the water temperature reliably.
As long as you have followed your chosen recipe correctly and you have instructed your water bath or immersion circulator to time your food item, then it will indicate when your food item is ready to be removed from the water bath. To test that the core of the food item has reached the desired temperature, you should use a thermometer and probe kit.