Precision Thermometer H370

Product Description

The H370 thermometer is a perfectly designed instrument for food industry measurements according to HACCP rules. The instrument is very robust and watertight (IP67). The probe included is exchangeable and the connection is very strong (screwthreaded connector). Especially suitable for checking and calibration of sous-vide water baths (recommend option of calibration certificate).

  • Water proof (IP67) Case
  • Backlit LCD
  • Min/Max/Avg Function
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Calibration Feature

Specification of H370 Thermometer
Measurement Range:                 -100 to +300°C
Sensor Type:                                      Class A, Pt100
Accuracy:                                             +/- 0.1% of reading or 0.4°C whichever is greater
Resolution:                                          0.1°C
Display:                                                 2-line LCD, 7 segments
Battery Life:                                        ~100 hours continuous use
Dimensions:                                        150 x 66 x 31 mm
Weight:                                                  350g

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Calibration Certificate

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